Agreement Between The United States And The European Community On Trade In Wine

Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, this agreement does not object to broader protection for names protected by this agreement by the parties through their domestic legislation or other international instruments. 4. Following the consultations in paragraphs 1 and 3, the parties disagree: ARTICLE 9 Transitional provisions concerning port and sherry and neighbouring marks 8. When paragraph 7 is invoked, consultations between the parties take place as soon as possible and, in any event, within two months, in order to take appropriate action taken by both parties. These measures may take the form of changes to Schedule I or the protocol. If the parties fail to reach a decision, one of the parties can take advantage of the section 23 dispute resolution procedure. b) the composition and organoleptic characteristics of the wine; See Article 18 (Article 33 of the ASA, Article 33) with regard to agricultural and fisheries products and foodstuffs removed from food, page 5 of the agreement. 1. Contracting parties may amend this agreement at any time to improve cooperation in the wine sector. Without prejudice to the measures provided for in Article 35, wines obtained with the oenological practice, procedure or modification communicated by a contracting party in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 3, are granted provisional authorization for the importation and marketing on the territory of the other contracting party. Without prejudice to Article 9 and the protocol, the following names are protected for wines: 6. The provisions of this agreement do not affect a person`s right to use his or her name or the name of his predecessor in the economy in trade, unless that name is used in a way that misleads the consumer. Agreement between the European Community and the Mexican United States on mutual recognition and protection of the appellations of spirit drinksAccords between the European Community and the Mexican United States on mutual recognition and protection of the appellations of spirits (1997).

1. The contracting parties authorize the importation of wines into their respective territories in accordance with the provisions relating to import certification documents and analysis reports provided by the protocol. See the wine, spirit and flavoured wine denominations, Protocol 2, Appendix II, Title I, page 219, and the list: appendix 1, page 224. (a) Where such references are protected by this agreement, protection is granted to each mention, provided that it has been used in a traditional and uniform manner and that the consumer is not misled by the true origin of the wine; (i) references to the name of the Wine Member State, agreements establishing an association between the European Community and its Member States, on the one hand, and the Republic of Chile (2002). b) Where these indications, protected by this agreement, are assimilated in the name of a geographical area outside the territory of the contracting parties, this name may be used to describe and represent a wine produced in the geographical area to which the name refers, provided that the name is used in a traditional and uniform manner, that its use is regulated for this purpose by the country of origin and that consumers are not misled. that the wine originated in the territory of the contracting party concerned. (b) “geographic indication,” an indication, including a “name of origin” within the meaning of Article 22, paragraph 1, of the TRIPS agreement, which is recognized by the laws and regulations of a party for the purpose of identifying a wine originating in that party`s territory; ARTICLE 13 Other domestic legal provisions and international conventions See relevant environmental and installation provisions, Title IV, Chapter 9, Section 2, Subsection 3, page 221, and IG List for Agricultural Products and Food, Appendix XXII-C; IG List for wines, flavoured wines and spirits, Appendix XXII-D 1.

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