Collective Agreement Days

To see and calculate how your income would be affected in different situations, depending on whether or not you have a collective agreement, visit, a website run by PTK on behalf of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers and other organizations. From 1.7.2020, the list of positions must be published in accordance with the normal period of two and, in some cases, 3 weeks` notice according to the collective agreement. There are many exceptions for the allocation of weekly working time per working day. An example is the regulation that extends the normal daily working time to nine hours to allow for a “short Friday” and a longer rest on the weekend. Working time is the period between the beginning and end of work, with no rest periods during work. Travel time to or from work is generally not considered working time. However, in this regard, some collective agreements provide for rules that are more advantageous to workers. There are provisions that are recorded in collective agreements that are not regulated by legislation. These issues include travel expenses, vacation bonuses, extra days off (called “pekkasvapaat”) or sick or maternity leave benefits. Collective agreements define compensation schemes that contain general rules for calculating minimum wages or minimum wages for different types of work, as well as a compensation system.

The collective agreement calculates minimum wages or minimum wages according to certain criteria. For certain occupations or activities, the systems for different employment groups or occupational groups are used as the basis for calculating the salary levels set out in the collective agreement for a given sector. Holidays, working time and the right to parental leave are governed by Swedish law. This is the case for all those who work in Sweden. However, the law does not cover everything, far from it, and sets only minimum levels. Thus, in addition to the law, there is the collective agreement that was negotiated between the Swedish Association of University Engineers and thought organizations. Part-time work is the case where the weekly working time is less than the normal length of time set by law or collective agreement (for example.B.

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