Moon Agreement Citation

2. As part of conducting scientific studies and promoting the provisions of this agreement, contracting states have the right to collect samples of their minerals and other substances from the Moon and remove them from the Moon. These samples remain available to the contracting states that led them to make them and can be used for scientific purposes. States Parties ensure that it is desirable to make some of these samples available to other interested States Parties and the international scientific community for scientific review. States Parties may also, in scientific studies, use mineral substances and other substances from the Moon in quantities to support their missions. 1. Any State party can ensure that the activities of other States Parties in the exploration and use of the Moon are compatible with the provisions of this Convention. To this end, all space vehicles, equipment, facilities, stations and facilities of the Moon are open to other States Parties. These States Parties provide for a pre-planned visit so that appropriate consultations can be carried out and that the highest possible precautions can be taken to ensure safety and avoid interference with the normal operation of the facility to be visited. Under this article, each State Party may act on its own behalf or with the full or partial support of another State Party or through appropriate international procedures within the framework of the United Nations and in accordance with the Charter. (3) Neither the surface, nor the basement of the Moon, nor part of it, nor any natural resource are the property of a state, an international intergovernmental or non-governmental organization, a national organization or a non-governmental organization or a natural person.

The placement of personnel, space vehicles, equipment, facilities, stations and installations on or below the surface of the Moon, including structures related to its surface or basement, must not create a right of ownership on the surface or basement of the moon or its basement.

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