Sra Agreement

What if I couldn`t complete the search on time? If a sponsor agrees, the duration of the sponsored research agreement may be extended to allow the completion of the research project. In such a situation, OHSU Technology Transfer negotiates with the sponsor for a free modification or extension of a sponsored search agreement. Yes, under the supervision of the principal investigator (PI), students can complete research tasks as part of the project. If necessary, project participants should read the agreement and sign an agreement on confidential information and intellectual property (CIIP). This ensures that all participants are aware of the university`s conditions and obligations in accordance with the SRA. All participants must comply with the university`s obligations. The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) is responsible for the negotiation of SRAs, funded exclusively by private sector for-profit sponsors and which include basic/animal research. The Office of Sponsored Programs ( is responsible for the negotiation of SRAs, whose sponsor is a non-profit organization, for example. B a public or federal agency, a foundation or a non-profit organization or an alliance.

The Office of Clinical Research ( is responsible for negotiations on clinical trials and related agreements involving individuals. Prior to the introduction of MyFunding, MyRA was the university`s electronic system, primarily used for the development, transmission and submission of non-financial agreements (e.g. agreements. B hardware transfer, data usage agreements and confidentiality agreements). To find out the status of a funded agreement requiring negotiation, take the following steps: 1. Register myRA at the with your pitt registration information. 2. Click on the “Agreements” tab at the top of the page: In this period of uncertainty and potential for research program delays/interruptions, it is important to keep research sponsors informed about the status of sustained research initiatives. Each initiative is subject to a research agreement that includes contractual obligations. Small sponsors and/or private sponsors are not allowed to publicly communicate the impact of the current climate on existing research agreements. If you have any questions/concerns about existing agreements with such sponsors, please contact the relevant VPRI staff. Once the MRA is approved, a VPRI staff member will begin the process of negotiating the SRA.

If no SRA model has been provided, the university uses the standard U model of the T-sponsored research and collaboration agreement. Third-party SRA models, as well as relevant documents can be submitted via My Research Applications (MRA), how long will it take to process my sponsored research agreement? The process of developing a sponsored research agreement can be short or time-consuming, depending on the complexity of the program to be sponsored and what the sponsor expects in exchange for its support. Factors include: – the speed with which business representatives react, The complexity of the agreement the company needs, and compliance with OHSU regulatory requirements (i.e., IRB, IACUC, CoIR) OHSU Technology Transfer officers can provide advice that avoids delays when they are notified of sponsored research potential in the early stages of discussion between researchers and business representatives. How can I prepare a budget for a sponsored research agreement? Your department`s CFO should be able to help you prepare the budget for the sponsored research agreement. OHSU Technology Transfer is the pre-price office for industry-sponsored preclinical research agreements. If you have any questions about post-award processes, including accounting and fund allocation, please contact the Office of Proposal and Award Management (OPAM).

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