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The film shows us nothing of the trial itself except the superficial, almost boring, accusation of the judge against the jury. His tone of voice indicates that the verdict is an obvious conclusion. We do not hear from the prosecutor or defence counsel, and we only hear about the evidence second-hand. Most judicial films believe that a clear verdict is needed. But “12 Angry Men” never says whether the accused is innocent or guilty. The question is whether the jury has a legitimate doubt about his guilt. It`s going to sound like a funny suggestion, but the Breakfast Club. 12 Angry Men is a bottled film, TBC is a bottled movie. Although the remake retained some action elements from the 1957 film Sidney Lumet, created in 1954 as a Reginald Rose teleplay, it is essentially a different animal. In the screenplay written by the director with Vladimir Moiseenko and Alexander Novototsky-Vlasov, the efforts of a group jury to reach an agreement could be seen as a hopeful metaphor for the country`s struggle for elusive national unity. This film is a masterpiece. That term is a lot balanced — it`s very simple to talk about big movies like this — but this movie is one of the best.

This is one of the few films I`ll call perfect. What do you think other classic/non-classic films are similar to? The vote, which starts at 11 to 1, is gradually shifting. Although the film is clearly for the Position of the Fonda, not everyone who chooses “guilty” is represented negatively. One of the key characters is Juror 4 (E. G. Marshall), a stockbroker with borderless glasses, who depends on pure logic and seeks to avoid emotions. Another juror No. 7 (Jack Warden), who has tickets to a baseball game, gets impatient and changes his voice, just to get things done quickly. Juror 11 (George Voskovec), an immigrant who speaks with an accent, criticizes him: “Who tells you that you have the right to play like this with a man`s life?” In the past, we attacked number 11 as a foreigner: “They come, and as soon as possible, they tell us how to run the show.” There is actually only one flash-go in the movie (about the guy who walks in the snow). Everything else is told, not shown.

A young man is accused of stabbing his father to death. Jurors almost have rants about disagreements over the case. One juror threatens to kill another in the heat of the moment. It is believed that one of the jurors who wanted to sentence a boy to death for murder physically abused his own insane son. The film is considered a classic, much appreciated both critically and popularly: Roger Ebert has classified it as one of his “Great Films”. [20] The American Film Institute named Jury 8, played by Henry Fonda, as the 28th greatest hero of the 20th century. AFI also voted 12 Angry Men the 42nd most inspired film, the 88th most heartbreaking film and the 87th best film of the last hundred years. The film was nominated in 1998 for the list of 100 films. [21] In 2011, the film was the second most common film in secondary schools in the UK. [22] From November 2020[update], the film has a 100% agreement on Rotten Tomatoes based on 52 reviews, with a weighted average of 8.98/10.

The consensus of the site is: “The debut of Sidney Lumet`s feature film is a very well written and dramatically effective courtroom thriller, rightly regarded as a modern classic.” [23] With a duration of 159 minutes, “12,” which was nominated this year for a Foreign Language Oscar, is of extravagant length. But while it works, it`s always entertaining, but not always easy to read. These reflections are linked to dark flash-combi of the difficult childhood of the murderer indicted in Chechnya, shaken by war. The film wastes precious time with the repeated scenes of the young man trembling in the cold as he enters his cell and awaits the verdict. However, the film was a disappointment in the box office in the United States [17] [18], but better internationally. [3] The appearance of color productions and wide screens may have contributed to his disappointing box office performance. [17] It was not until it was first broadcast on television that the film finally found its audience. [19] In a length of only 95 minutes (sometimes

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