Venue License Agreement

Event management plans are an essential part of the licence. These management plans are developed by the organizers and projects are submitted to La Venue`s services team for review. The team can provide feedback and input on these plans from the point of view of the event manager to facilitate the event. Management plans must be finalized two weeks before arrival at the event site. The cost of renting places depends on the application and depends on the nature and extent of your event and the impact it can have on the parks. You may also need a site safety assessment – for more information, visit Site Safety Assessment Toolkit. The licensee is required to present $20 million in liability insurance certificates and compensation for the employee for the licensee and his suppliers and subcontractors. In order to ensure public safety, the license defines the site`s protective capacity. The capacity limit also contributes to the identification of facilities needed to organize the event, from food, beverage and portable toilets to first aid and transportation facilities. Depending on the size and size of your event, other government agencies may need information about the event and may also need to approve elements of the event. For example, a licence for spirits requires the approval of the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing and the authorization of the NSW police. Increased sound will be subject to the NSW Environmental Protection Agency`s prevention communication; Built structures may be certified by a qualified planning consultant to ensure compliance with Australia`s construction rules (BCA); and the sale and supply of food and beverages may depend on the approval of the relevant city council.

In addition, the national transit authority may be consulted with respect to bus services for visitors at large-scale events, and NSW Roads and Maritime Services may need to be involved when major events have an impact on roads outside the parks.

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