Cox Residential Customer Service Agreement

If you call Cox`s customer service number, you will receive an automated check-in. Tap “1” to enter your account number. If you don`t know your account number, stay in line for the next available representative. Available only in cable residential areas. The advertised price includes a monthly service fee, with no equipment fees. A Cox digital receiver or CableCARD supplied with Cox™ as well as a certified CableCARD retail device. For more information, see CableCARD FAQs on There may be a single right of activation. Other valets, inside wiring, reconnection, activation, taxes, deductibles and surcharges (including a video broadcast supplement of up to $13.50 and a regional sports supplement (up to $8.25 depending on the Cox market) are added. Periodic prices apply after the period of action, if any.

Availability on demand? Programming is based on the channels contained in the digital cable subscription package. The number of digital outlets per household may be limited. All programs and rates may change and may not be available in all areas. The service may require a credit authorization. Cox Contour TV subscription to HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME® and STARZ®. For premium services, TV Paks, additional TV connected to the Cox Contour TV service, additional charges for photovoltaic events, sports packages and on-demand titles. Not all services and features are available everywhere. A credit quality check and/or down payment may be required. There may be additional fees and other restrictions.

Netflix streaming subscription and Cox High Internet Debit needed to access Netflix via Contour. Using Netflix counts for Cox data plans and is subject to Netflix`s terms of use in need account services or technical support for your Cox-Internet, TV, phone or home security? Below are the best ways to contact a Cox customer service agent. Send a text to 54512 to launch Cox`s automated text support. Follow the instructions to choose the type of service you need. Cox Communications is a cable company. It uses copper cable connections for both its TV and Internet services. Compared to DSL, the cable internet is faster and more reliable, but not perfect. Cable connections can be overloaded and lazy if you and all your neighbors have decided to go online at the same time. Cox, a Georgia-based telecommunications company, offers television, internet, telephone and home security services and offers several excellent combinations of these four packaged services. For domestic use, everything is coaxial-wired.

Cox`s ever-expanding fibre-optic Internet network is currently limited to commercial enterprises. The screen displays a dialog box with quick links to the general Cox service themes. Click on any of the links if they refer to your problem, or enter your question into the search bar at the bottom of the dialog box and click on the arrow to launch a search for resources related to your query.

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