Tg Supply Agreement Illumina

c. Quality audits. When Illumina provides TG consumables to the customer under this agreement, Illumina agrees to authorize the customer to review Illumina`s transactions relating to these TG consumables, on prior written notification, during normal opening hours, no more than [-] and at the customer`s sole expense, as long as it is necessary to meet its obligations under existing legislation. The sites, schedules, dates, scope and objectives of these trials are agreed in writing between the parties. The client signs Illumina`s confidentiality agreement if he has to clear it before conducting such a review. c. Temporary consumers. This provision applies only to non-TG consumables purchased under this agreement, which Illumina has given the customer the right to use in the clinic and for which the customer intends to do so and for which a TG version of one of these consumables is not available (including, but without restriction, in the event of a failure to deliver) , for delivery to Illumina`s customer at the time of entry into force (“Temporary Consumable (s)”). In the event that, during the lifetime, Illumina provides a TG version of a temporary consumable (“TG version”) with prices essentially corresponding to the price difference between TG consumables and non-TG consumables offered under this agreement prior to that date, the customer must stop using temporary consumables for clinical use within months of commercial availability of the TG version. At the latest after the expiry of the [] month and only for consumables purchased for clinical purposes, Illumina will provide the client only with the TG version of the applicable consumables, under the terms of this agreement.

Temporary consumables are considered TG consumables only for the purposes of the clinical use rights granted to the client in this Appendix A and section 3 until the expiry of the [-] month period described in the sentence above. To avoid any doubt, the customer may not use non-TG consumables (including pre-temporary consumables) at the expiry of the [-] month for technical use of the search or (ii) when TG consumables are not intended to be delivered illumina agreement gives written consent for the use of non-TG consumables for clinical use (for reasons related to this subsection ii) applies to temporary consumables covered by Section 10 B and 10th) of the main part of the agreement).

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