Find The Error With Subject-Verb Agreement Calculator

The best way to run with the cops is the expressions on other people`s faces when they try to get a head start on the beasts behind them. No error This rule seems deceptively simple, but subject-verb compliance errors are quite common. Sharpen your grammar skills and get to the top of the useful subject-verb compliance rules below. Words here and there can create chaos in the default sentence order and cause a subject-verb conformity error. To avoid this, be sure to follow the appropriate definition rules for subject-verb agreements. Do this by checking if your action or word matches the topic. Here are some examples of subject-verb concordance: let`s exercise our understanding of the definition of the subject-verb agreement by another example. Select the underlined word or underlined phrase that needs to be changed for the sentence to be correct. Some sentences do not contain any errors. Shana, Joe and Marcel were incredible at each of their performances and the audience rewarded them with cheers and applause. No mistake It`s a matter of subject-verb agreement in this independent clause: “The general security of the city has improved considerably since it was hired.” To simplify, the subject is “security”, which is a singular noun, so the verb must also be singular, which “has improved” hurts and “improved” the corrected verb. Instructions: For each question in the worksheet for the subject-verb agreement, there are two possibilities.

Choose the one you think is the right one. Use the specialized verb knowledge gained from reading this guide and the verb compliance exercise sets. Stephanie says she wants to go to university after graduating, but her bad attitude toward studying over the past year doesn`t indicate that she enjoys being a student. No error Because both nouns or pronouns in the subject perform the action when they are associated and connected, you must use the plural verblage that you will find in this example. If you`re not sure if your sentence is correct, test it by replacing a pronoun instead of the subject. Since there are several people in this example, use them. You wouldn`t say they go to the mall, so you know you need the plural. Here`s a gray area: do we use a singular or plural verbage if we agree with a noun that is singular in grammar, but in the plural sense? For example, say “The faculty meets” or “The faculty meets”? Other examples are the team, the committee, the administration, the press, the class, the staff and the public….

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